5 Ways to Increase Viewership of Your Live Event Webcast

Event Webcasting success is all about generating more views. Whether its a free or a paid event, you need get more viewers online, to either increase the promotional value of your organization or to generate revenue respectively.


By the very fact that you are streaming live, you’ve already positioned yourself for success. As Marketing professionals know very well, Live Streams tend to generate a sense of urgency, which makes people more likely to sign up and show up.

But using streaming video is only the beginning. You need additional tools and techniques to improve viewership for your Live Event. 

Here are some useful methods…

1. Promote the webcast well before the event:

It is critical to generate excitement well before the event date – whether it has to do with the personalities or the content. This means promoting the event on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, sending Email invites or even by word of mouth. Spread the word as widely as possible and start at least 60-90 days before the scheduled date.

Its always useful to have people pre-register for your event – which also encourages them to show up. While most people register for live events just 1-2 weeks before the event date, giving them far more lead time to plan their schedule well in advance is a critical factor. Send reminders a week before the event and then the day before you are to scheduled to go live.

2. Write compelling copy:

Titles and descriptions can make or break your event. They’ll either entice people to sign on or keep them away.

When choosing a title, come up with 10 or 15 ideas and then narrow that list down to about 3 favorites. Pull out enticing words or phrases, then, scrap everything and do it again. Your second set of titles will be much stronger.

Keep the title short, concise and punchy, since only 50-60 characters of your title will show up in search results. This means you need to get to the point quickly.

You description can be more detailed and should include keywords and phrases related to your event. Every description should include a 200-400 word summary of the content to allow search engines to index it correctly.

To drive more viewers to your content you should also include:

  • A call to action (such as signup for our email list)
  • A link to your website
  • Links to your social media channels

And of course, DON’T forget to include the time and date of your broadcast plus a registration link – the registration form should include the registrants’ contact details – at a minimum, their email address.

3. Reward your attendees:

People love rewards and you have to give in order to receive. The goal is to provide something of value to your audience. This can take many forms.

Prize giveaways, raffles, coupons & discounts and/or access to presenters for advice, are all good rewards but don’t ignore the ‘ego factor’. Being the first or the select few who will be given access to important information or news can be extremely enticing. The sharing of secrets, tips & tricks is a great way to generate interest and get more viewers.

But the best way to reward your viewers is with great content that is valuable, actionable and problem-solving.

4. Cross Promote:

Use all your channels to promote your live stream. During the lead-up to the stream, share the URL. Include the compelling description you have written. Once the event begins, you can share teasers, commercials or ads. Be sure to use your hashtag in all this material!

5. Leverage the power of personalities:

Personality has the ability to draw huge audiences and this is critical. While audiences want help, information, support and actionable advice, they love the idea of getting it from someone who is either famous or a well known authority in their field of expertise.

Capitalize on this phenomenon and give your audience what they want. If your presenter has skills as a public speaker, that is a huge plus and should be prominently advertised.

In Conclusion:

To benefit your organization to the fullest, you have to be on top of your game. The bottom line is simple. To increase your viewership to significant levels (either for promotional or monetary reasons) most or all of the items listed above.

The benefits of a successful live streaming event are huge. Videocasting will engage your audience, share information, and generate social buzz more than any other communication technology can do.

Whether you are a corporation, an association or a professional Live Streaming your event is easily available to anyone these days and provides an unparalleled opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and communicate your message with power.

To learn how we can assist you to webcast your event live visit EventcastLive.ca or call us at 604.970.5055