How to Make Your Live Streamed Event Look More Professional

Some event managers are fine with allowing their webcasts look amateurish just to save a few bucks – ignoring the fact that their corporate image and the image they project to members, clients or prospects will suffer as a result.

Not us! Here’s what we do to ensure that your Live Event Streaming Video looks Totally Professional…

Among other things, we’ll look at ways to increase quality, ensure reliability, streamline the technical process, and much more..


We Use the Best Equipment Possible: The single best way to boost the quality of your stream is to use high-quality equipment. That includes cameras, encoders, and all audio recording equipment like microphones and mixers.

When it comes to video cameras, quality matters as well. While the cheaper, consumer video cameras available today can produce good results, the quality of the imaging depends on other factors like perfect lighting. In low light, a cheap camera will produce grainy video with poor color.

Good Audio is often more important than Video:

In a professional, hotel ballroom setting, the venue will generally have a reasonably good quality audio setup with multiple mics coming into a professional grade audio mixer – this allows us to run a high-quality XLR audio cable from their mixer into our setup, so we can capture good quality audio from multiple mics, directly into our system.

THE INTERNET CONNECTION: the most important element one can often overlook:

The quality, speed and reliability of the internet connection that will be used to broadcast your stream is critical for determining its quality. When it comes to broadcasting video, upload speed is particularly important…

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