Benefits of Live Interactive Chat During a Live Streamed Event

There are definite benefits to using Live Interactive Chat during your Live Streamed Event – both to your viewers as well as to yourself…

Here are some excellent reasons for integrating a live chat window alongside the streaming video player on your event screen.

1.Audience Engagement is the most important factor: 

Live streaming video is already highly engaging but Live Chat allows viewers to interact with and respond to the content in real-time.

Remote audiences want to feel like they are actively participating in an event and this allows them the opportunity to do just that – whether its posting a comment on the ongoing presentation or asking questions directly to a presenter and being answered in real-time.

2. Live Chat makes the event interesting (even fun)!

It creates a virtual meeting place where viewers can feel like they are part of a community and communicate with each other during an event.

3. Live Chat is vital for gathering feedback.

Chat allows you to interact with your audience in real-time and get insight on how they respond to your video content.

This can be invaluable when refining strategies or gathering analytics data. This is the qualitative data that helps flesh out the understandings that analytics can give you.

So are you making use of this powerful technique to add value to your Live Webcasts? If not, it is something you definitely want to consider adding on to your next Live Event Webcast.

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